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The #1 Thing Real Estate Agents Want From Their Title Company

The #1 thing Real Estate Agents want from their Title Company

In talking to thousands real estate agents about their relationship with their title companies, we’ve heard one statement repeated over and over again:

“Make us look good.” 

No, that doesn’t mean free makeup for all of your realtors. Although if it keeps them loyal…

It means your realtors need you to make them look good in front of their potential buyers and sellers with speed, accuracy, and extraordinary service. If you can help them look like the best person for the job, they’ll win that deal—and you’ll win their loyalty.  

Your first chance to help your realtors “look good” is the quoting process. So here are 3 quick tips to help you provide top-tier client service that keeps your realtors “looking good” when it comes to quoting. 

Tip 1: Keep your listing agents on top of their numbers game

An inaccurate quote from your title company could be the reason your realtor loses a listing—and the reason you lose that client forever. You can’t afford that.

Here’s a simple example. A seller would think they only have one mortgage payoff therefore one single reconveyance fee. Not so fast. If that seller has a line of credit with a zero balance, then the seller needs a payoff letter and an additional reconveyance fee for that as well. 

The listing agent would have no idea about this, and not including these fees in the seller net sheet is definitely risky. It could make them look inaccurate and sloppy in front of their seller, potentially causing them to lose that deal. 

And this is just one example, not to mention back taxes owed, nuisance liens, and so on. All of these are found while you research the property before generating the seller net sheet for your agent. 

We encourage you to DO THIS WORK and be indispensable for your agent.

Tip 2: Offer to help the buyer side as well

Ever heard of the “Rule of Reciprocation?” It states that whenever you give someone a gift, they feel more inclined to reciprocate. 

Fewer and fewer title reps are generating buyer estimates for their agents, but the ones that do are usually the best reps working for the best and fastest growing title companies. 

When you offer to generate a buyer sheet, you may not only win the escrow, but you’re scoring serious customer service points.

And remember, you know more about the property and transactions than your agents do. Be that beacon of light for them and make those buyer estimates absolutely precise, not just when it comes to closing fees, but also lender fees, impounds, and tax prorations. 

Tip 3: Pick the right technology

Whatever you’re using to generate quotes needs to make your realtors look sleek, smart, and professional. If you’re still relying on Excel spreadsheets, you’re not doing your clients any favors.

If you’re looking for the right quoting technology, look out for the following:

  • Speed: Don’t leave your realtors (and their potential sellers) waiting on a quote. Faster service impresses everyone. 
  • Ease of use: This relates to speed. If technology is too difficult to use, your title reps will be slowed down (or not use it at all)
  • Compliance: The quotes produced need to be accurate and compliant with TRID, RESPA, etc—you can’t worry about your taxes or the accuracy of the title insurance policy amounts
  • Looks: Make them look good…literally. Your quotes need to be both beautiful and branded (so your realtors remember who is making them look so sleek) 
  • Accessibility: Your reps need to be able to access your quoting tool from ANY device (but remember, App store-based apps will be updated far less frequently than web-based apps, meaning your accuracy could be in jeopardy) 

If you implement these three tips, you’ll be helping your real estate agents look good and building the loyal relationships that lead to repeat business. 

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