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How to Boost Your Title Company App’s Value

How to Boost Your Title Company App's Value

When you sign up with TitleCapture you get your custom-branded title company app that allows your agents (realtors or lenders) to generate their own quotes, net sheets or preHUDs, send them to their customers via email, recommend you on their social media, great stuff.

But wait, what does this all mean for you as a BRAND? Why should you even have such an app? Can’t you do without it, or replace it with a tiny little calculator embedded on your site? The answer depends on how you want to portray yourself and what your marketing strategy is.

If you want to tell the world that:

  • You are tech-savy and rely on the latest technology to ease your agents’ work,
  • You value each agent on a personal level, therefore give them accounts in which they are directly linked with their account executive to easily stay in touch, OR
  • Everyone is welcomed as an agent because their account is totally FREE

…then the app is for YOU.

However, once you have the app, you really need to make sure people start using it. The more agents become aware of the app and start using it, the more you will benefit from it.

So here’s how you can boost app usage

1. Make sure you link to it from your WEBSITE

We recommend linking to the app right in tha navigation bar of your website. Something that says “Instant Quotes” would be fine. If you can make that single button stand out (give it a different background than the other buttons, or make it bold) would be even better.

The other thing you can do is create a large banner on the homepage that links to the app. Something that also features an app image and copy that sounds similar to “Get your instant title quotes, net sheets and preHUDs”.

The concept is, it’s gotta be in their face. They visit your site, so why not get an account to actually see how much you charge depending on the properties they have.

2. Include a link to it on all your EMAIL SIGNATURES

The other “touch point” of your brand that occurs every day is your email signature. So besides your logo, your name, title, phone, email, whatever you have in your signature, include a link to the app with a text that says “Get an instant title quote” OR “Click here for instant quotes, net sheets and preHUDs” etc.

3. Perform regular email CAMPAIGNS to encourage people to sign up for the app or rate it or recommend the app to other colleagues (in case they already have an account)

Email is one of the best communication methods with your agents. You can use mass-mailing services like “MailChimp” or “Constant Contact” to send email campaigns to your agents. Each email should feature a nice graphic of the app and you could touch these subjects:

-Get your instant quotes, net sheets or preHUDs (to determine them to sign up, can also be used to determine them to use the app, even if they have an account)

-Your feedback is much valued (to determine them to rate the app, a great way to re-start conversations with your dormant agents)

-Let’s build a community together (to determine them to invite their colleages, telling them that you would like to have more cool people, “just like them” working with your title company).


The app is a brand asset and there numerous benefits to using the TitleCapture title company app. However, as with any brand asset, you have to put it work to produce results. So, let’s get to work! 🙂

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