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Ubitquity Expands Its Crypto and Real Estate Transaction Service Offerings

Ubitquity Expands Its Crypto and Real Estate Transaction Service Offerings

Ubitquity is the preeminent service provider of blockchain-guaranteed title recordkeeping and real estate data. The company has established itself as the blockchain-based crypto and real estate transaction services leader. Its platform simplifies securely tracking and recording property deeds and titles by providing the most up-to-date property listings for investors and sellers who deal in cryptocurrency. In July 2022, the company launched the Crypto Listing Service, allowing property owners, real estate agents, and title companies to synchronize their holdings with cryptocurrency investors worldwide. As part of the UbitquityPay payment service, the application also enables cryptocurrency investors to diversify their portfolios by purchasing property with crypto.

How Crypto Listing Service Adds Value

Crypto Listing Service adds value to UbitquityPay by reducing the multi-day lag associated with fraud mitigation and closing costs. Ubitquity works with title companies to ensure that transactions are valid under the Good Funds Law and other applicable regulations. It accelerates the transaction and closing processes by reducing the practical and legal hurdles that property owners, insurance underwriters, and escrow service providers encounter.

How UbiquityPay Transactions Work

Scaled, multiplatform Web3 solutions allow invested parties to settle real estate deals quickly. UbitquityPay enables digital transactions in both crypto and fiat currency. The platform currently supports more than 130 cryptocurrencies and includes top-drawer security and regulatory compliance features. Automated Know-Your-Customer (KYC) implementations prevent money laundering and other malfeasance. UbitquityPay distributes cryptocurrency to several signature wallets when transactions are posted and immediately converts the payment into fiat currency. White-label payment processing partnerships contribute to competitively low transaction rates that rarely exceed 1%.

Ubitquity Offers Industry Standard Solutions and Support

The UbitquityPay platform and ecosystem are based on the open-source unanimity API, licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). UbitquityPay provides industry-required features such as round-the-clock support, white-glove handling of title policies and documentation, merchant integration, guaranteed crypto price settlements, and a service level agreement (SLA). The Crypto Listing Service leverages Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to provide an unalterable digital record of title and ownership history for investors, property owners, and intermediaries.

Ubitquity Is Positioned For Success

Ubitquity’s entry into the crypto and real estate space coincides with the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO of Ubitquity, developed the Crypto Listing Service to make the most relevant, reliable, and comprehensive real estate data sets available to its global customer base. Initial listings include land in the Dominican Republic held by Ubitquity’s corporate affiliates.

Transparency Is the Key to Confidence

The UbitquityPay platform creates opportunities for collaboration and transparency in the crypto and real estate markets. With access to responsive mobile features and discursive insights, sellers and investors will have the necessary resources to make well-timed, intelligent choices. All parties benefit from a clean record of ownership, which can increase confidence in future transactions.

Ubitquity, LLC offers premier blockchain-secured recordkeeping services for the crypto and real estate industries. The UbitquityPay Platform and its Crypto Listing Service add-on provide users with a simple, secure means of viewing and tracking property titles, deeds, and records. Ubitquity partners with academics, aviation companies, municipalities, and real estate companies to provide its customers with innovative payment solutions in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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