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Using TitleCapture to Create Industry-Leading Client Service


To borrow their tagline, First Source Title Agency is not your typical title company with goals to industry-leading client service.

The organization is defined by its relentless pursuit of outstanding client service. There is no stone they won’t turn in their search for added value, customer experience optimization or otherwise improving the lives of their realtor and lender partners.

With estimates playing a significant role in the real estate process—especially early on in the transaction—this was an area where First Source Title Agency needed to level up and start knocking client expectations out of the park.


Obtaining estimates is often a bottleneck for realtors and lenders. Waiting on a title rep for an accurate estimate can slow down a deal, especially on nights or weekends when realtors are working and title agents aren’t available.

A company as dynamic and fast moving as First Source Title Agency couldn’t afford such bottlenecks. Led by Stacey Maczulis, First Source Title Agency’s Sales & Marketing team has a laser focus on retaining customer relationships and building future business—nailing the quoting process is an important part of this focus.

In order to add as much value as possible to their clients, the company needed a quoting solution to solve 3 main challenges: 

Efficiency. It had to be faster and simpler for title agents, saving them time compared to their outdated tools and processes. 

Availability. Clients (realtors and lenders) should have direct access to the tool for generating quotes on-demand or outside of office hours

Appearance. Both the platform and the quotes had to look and feel consistent with First Source Title Agency’s brand: attractive, clean, easy to use, and completely professional. 


When First Source Title Agency first found TitleCapture, they recognized a platform that could not only fulfill their minimum requirements, but also empower them in their quest to go above and beyond for client service. TitleCapture was able to overcome all of First Source Title Agency’s primary challenges:


For title agents, TitleCapture makes generating accurate, customizable quotes as fast as possible. Our proprietary database holds all recording fees, transfer and mortgage tax rates, property tax proration rules and much more, for all 3,141 counties in the US. All of this makes servicing client requests extremely easy.


Every client receives their own TitleCapture account (if desired) so they can log in and create their own estimates in seconds. This is invaluable in meetings with buyers or sellers and when their title rep isn’t available.

To quote Sales & Marketing rep Stacey Maczulis:

“My clients [realtors] love the platform and use it daily, on the road or simply sitting at a listing appointment with their client. It’s simple and easy to use! TitleCapture is an added value to what we have to offer and I tell everyone about it!”


TitleCapture produces by far the most attractive and professional estimates in the industry—a real value-add for both realtors and lenders. The hyper-customizable platform allows users to generate estimates containing First Source Title Agency’s company branding and their unique rates and fees; beyond that, users can edit any fields, create custom entries (e.g. to apply a discount) and explore & filter all past estimates with a few clicks.

The user experience is easy and intuitive, with the most comprehensive selection of estimates at clients’ and title reps’ fingertips.


First Source Title Agency views TitleCapture as an essential value-adding element of their transaction process. Their clients use the app every day to create and view quotes, which gives them a better chance of landing deals that, in turn, are brought to First Source Title Agency for closing.

For companies like First Source Title Agency who are constantly pushing the envelope to find new and innovative ways to service clients and build customer loyalty, our relationship is impactful: we are constantly developing new features and making product improvements based on their feedback.

Another noticeable gain for First Source Title Agency is the TitleCapture customer service team. We’re able to provide fast, accurate answers whenever a question or issue arises, allowing First Source Title Agency to spend less time troubleshooting on estimates and more time delivering effortless closings for their clients.

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