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What real estate agents look for in a title company

What real estate agents look for in a title company

In the dynamic world of real estate, generating new business remains a paramount challenge, especially for those in the title industry. A comprehensive survey involving over 400 title professionals revealed that the second most significant hurdle they face is developing strategies to attract new clients. This challenge underscores the importance of effective title agency marketing, a crucial element in expanding a title company’s client base.

Real estate agents play a pivotal role in directing new business to title companies. Therefore, understanding and meeting their expectations is essential for any title agency looking to enhance its market presence. Corbett Donovan, a seasoned real estate professional based in Sarasota, Florida, has been instrumental in closing a wide range of real estate transactions since 1998. His experience ranges from multimillion-dollar property deals to navigating the complexities of short-sales and foreclosures. Additionally, Donovan extends his expertise to mentoring new real estate agents and advising homebuyers and sellers.

Donovan is acutely aware that his recommendations, particularly when directing clients to a title company or real estate law firm, significantly impact his reputation. He maintains high standards and expects the same from his partners in the real estate process. Below, Donovan shares seven key factors he considers when choosing a title company or law firm, insights that are invaluable for effective title agency marketing.

  1. Timely Communication: For Donovan, the ability of a title company to communicate efficiently and consistently is paramount. He emphasizes the need for systems that ensure instant access to paperwork and updates. This includes cloud-based solutions for easy retrieval of documents and ongoing communication throughout the transaction with all parties involved.
  2. Use of Technology and Effective Coordination: The integration of technology in the closing process is another critical aspect. Title companies that adeptly manage critical dates and provide comprehensive advice on title searches, inspections, and variances stand out. Effective coordination and communication regarding important deadlines are essential for a smooth closing process.
  3. Personal Interaction: Despite the prevalence of digital communication, Donovan values the personal touch. He believes that direct phone conversations or face-to-face meetings can significantly enhance client relationships, a sentiment increasingly shared by clients who prefer a more ‘old school’ approach.
  4. Going Above and Beyond: Sharing an anecdote, Donovan highlights the importance of exceptional service. He recalls an instance where a real estate attorney proactively resolved a complex issue involving a homeowner’s association, demonstrating a commitment to client service that goes beyond the norm.
  5. Thorough and Timely Due Diligence: In Florida’s real estate landscape, Donovan stresses the importance of conducting municipal lien searches early in the transaction. He advocates for title companies that educate real estate agents and buyers about these aspects, thereby avoiding delays in closing.
  6. Education for the Consumer Post-Closing: Donovan looks for title companies that continue to educate and engage with clients even after the transaction is complete. This ongoing relationship building is a critical component of effective title agency marketing, as it fosters long-term client loyalty.
  7. A Memorable Closing Experience: Finally, Donovan emphasizes the importance of the closing experience. He believes that title companies should strive to make closings a memorable and positive event for clients, as these are rare and significant moments in a person’s life.

In conclusion, effective title agency marketing hinges on understanding and addressing the needs and expectations of real estate professionals like Donovan. By focusing on aspects such as timely communication, the use of technology, personal interaction, exceptional service, thorough due diligence, post-closing education, and creating memorable closing experiences, title companies can significantly enhance their appeal to real estate agents and, by extension, their clients. This approach not only helps in building a strong reputation but also ensures sustained growth and success in the competitive real estate market.

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