Unfortunately, most title agencies are afraid of adopting and offering their agents access to technology. And we understand that. 

Makes perfect sense, when you think about the fact that someone will have to market the new piece of tech, as well as train agents and then follow-up with them to make sure they’re using and answer any questions they may have.

And most title agencies lack the skills, staff or time to do any of this, given the amount of work involved in closings.

So unless you’re one of the agencies that have dedicated sales reps or staff to handle all this work, you may be naturally inclined to pass on opportunities to improve your client experience and drive more loyalty. 

And that’s a real shame. However, ever since we started TitleCapture, almost 10 years ago, we designed it with these agencies in mind. We wanted to have a product that doesn’t require any of this effort on behalf of the title agency. 

What’s special about TitleCapture is that it does all the heavy lifting for you. 

First of all, it automatically sends invites out to your entire list of realtors and lenders. All you would have to do is import that list into the app. From that point on, they will all receive a series of invitations and follow-ups. 

Everything is built and optimized to ensure as many of your agents log in and generate their first quote.

Next, the app will automatically remind them to come back if they haven’t accessed the app in a while. This is a very nice way of staying in front of them, reminding them of the awesome tools they have at their disposal, courtesy of you – their trusted title agency. 

Last but not least, we’ve created a nice growth hack whenever a title rep or closer sends a quote to an agent. Instead of sending the agent the quote “as is” via email (which is not really secure), we’re sending them a link. When they click on that link, they’re transported into their account with your app and see the quote there. This ensures continuous usage, but it also ensures adoption of new agents as users.

And there’s one more thing. You’ll be able to see what quotes your agents are working on, so you can follow up with them and win more deals.  

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