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Pavaso Technology Supercharges the Real Estate Closing Experience

Pavaso Technology Supercharges the Real Estate Closing Experience

Pavaso is on a mission to supercharge the real estate closing experience for everyone involved. From lenders to buyers, Pavaso aims to streamline the tasks needed for real estate closings and construct the eClosing mold for future transactions. It provides a comprehensive platform dedicated to producing new, proud homeowners nationwide.

What Sets Pavaso Apart from the Rest?

Pavaso is unique in creating a total digital solution to help everyone involved in the closing process complete the transaction quickly. Lenders, title companies, real estate attorneys, and consumers can all use the innovative Platform to stay connected during the closing process. The creators of Pavaso are always on the lookout for new real estate challenges and work to create comprehensive solutions to add value to the closing process for everyone.

Created over ten years ago, the eClosing Platform has served as a forerunner in the digital mortgage transformation movement. The creators have worked and continue to work towards empowering everyone involved in real estate closings to offer digital eClosings on our secure collaborative Platform. It’s not about reinventing the closing process. Instead, it helps streamline and enhance workflow to make the closing process easier for everyone involved.

A World-Class Customer Experience

Making customers happy is all about simplifying and speeding up the closing process. With the unique eClosing platform, customers can close on a home smoothly within about 15 minutes. You can deliver a best-in-class closing experience in-person or remotely with built-in features. Some of the most popular system features include:

  • Flexibility to change closing types at the time of settlement
  • Secure delivery of documents to all the parties throughout the whole closing process
  • Easy to navigate tasks and a streamlined signing processes
  • Option for sellers and buyers to join the same settlement session
  • Real-time updates and required actions that allow for immediate status updates
  • Customers can easily access documents before and after closing from anywhere at anytime
  • Sensitive data protection with multi-level security and no data selling

Pavaso identified key problem areas in typical real estate closings and has provided top-of-the-line solutions to help fix them. For example, it offers the flexibility to change closing types at settlement, so you don’t have to reschedule. The team at Pavaso is constantly seeking out prospective issues associated with typical closings so that it can address them and create innovative solutions to eliminate them going into the future.

Providing a contact-free platform that can be efficiently utilized for remote online notarization (RON), in-person eNotary (IPEN), and remote ink-signed notarizations (RIN) was the goal. It can assist with all types of real estate closings. While specializing in hybrid eClosings, it can perform entirely paperless and traditional closings.

Now more than ever before, all parties involved in real estate closings desire more streamlined processes, and we’ve created innovative solutions to allow you to offer them. You can select any option below to discover more about our Platform’s innovative components or simply call to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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