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In-House or Done for You? Why ENTG Chose TitleCapture to Supercharge Client Experience

In-House or Done for You? Why ENTG Chose TitleCapture to Supercharge Their Client Experience


On a mission to establish life-long relationships, for Equitable National Title Group, providing a seamless and stress-free experience is imperative to supercharge client experience.

ENTG aims to take the stress out of the closing process and give their clients the dedication and time they deserve.

As the managing partner for seven title companies across Florida, this is no small task.

To maintain its impeccable customer service and standardize operations, ENTG depends on effective systems, software and processes which enable transparent communication.


With a growing business and expanding client base, the need for enhancing productivity and minimizing the time needed to generate and send quotes became clear.

They wanted to give their clients remote 24/7 access to the quoting process, so realtors no longer had to be confined by opening hours or agent availability.

To build everlasting relationships, the service they offered needed to be client-centric while remaining accurate and reliable.

Offering a platform where users could go in and generate quotes with ease and at their convenience was the obvious next step for ENTG. They just didn’t know how to make it happen.


With an in-house development team, attention focused on creating an in-house app for the quoting processes. However, this didn’t go to plan, and ENTG returned to the drawing board.

This is where TitleCapture came in.

(ENTG’s very own fairy godmother. Bippity, boppity, boo.)

Providing their branded title app with a fully dedicated support team.


Since joining TitleCapture, the worries ENTG had about not fully satisfying the needs of their clients have become a thing of the past.

TitleCapture has given Equitable National the power to put their clients back in control, creating a client experience that breeds autonomy and positivity.

Since installation the reviews ENTG have received are simply glowing, with Waypoint Real Estate Group stating that:

“Choosing Equitable Title was one of the easiest decisions our team has had to make. The staff at Equitable are service-oriented, highly skilled, courteous, and professional with an amazing can-do attitude.”

Coincidence? Yeah, we don’t think so either.

As if the glowing reviews and joyous customers weren’t enough, ENTG’s compliance director Carl Fiore believes that TitleCapture has allowed their closers to focus on building rapport and trust with their clients, whilst drastically reducing their workload.

Incredible right?

We couldn’t be happier for ENTG and can’t wait to see how TitleCapture can continue to help them in the future.

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