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Why Building Your Own Title Agency App is a Mistake that May Cost You Dearly

Why Building Your Own Title Agency App is a Mistake that May Cost You Dearly

We get it. Your title agency needs to compete and offering technology tools to your agents makes the most sense. After all, in 2022 and beyond, technology will be one of the most crucial brand differentiators. You’ll want to offer them custom, cutting-edge, innovative tools that provide up-to-date quotes and related details critical to real estate transactions.

But, for some reason, you believe it’s best to build it in-house. From scratch. How hard can it be? You hire a few cost-effective developers overseas, and they’ll be done with this in no time. And this is the first step to disaster, as has been proven to us by the countless title companies who signed up with TitleCapture AFTER they’ve attempted to build their own tech. 

Let’s dive in and see why you need to stop thinking about building your own tech and explore the already-built SaaS (software as a service) alternatives: 

1. You Don’t Own a Technology Company

Why distract yourself from your primary business operations and services when you don’t have the knowledge or skills to complete an application build, beta testing, implementation, and maintenance? Your clients come to your agency because they know you’re an expert in your field. The same is true of custom-quote and similar applications. Experts should only build them.

2. An In-House Build Wastes Time and Money

The last thing you need is more work or expenses. Although you could hire a team of product designers, developers, and data analysts, you would also need to set aside space for them to set up the shop. You would need to write new internal management processes around the building and implementation of the app. You would need to pay for all these changes and more.

The cost is way too high.

3. Outsourcing Also Wastes Time and Money

If you think that the solution to your problem is outsourcing development, consider all the ways the cost of outsourcing is too high. Application development takes longer than many business owners outside of tech anticipate when they make their initial investment. Development companies must split their time across client projects. Beta testing to adjust and deal with bugs can take months. You pay expensive retainer fees during the entire process. After development, many companies also charge higher maintenance costs for new apps.

4. You’re Investing in the Wrong Thing

Title agencies and agents don’t need proprietary quoting applications. They need solutions that integrate their existing tech with their client lists. They need a platform that helps them to streamline their internal workflow. They need don’t need to break the wheel. They need to upgrade it.

5. Predeveloped Applications Are Proven Solutions

Our TitleCapture app is the quoting tool of choice for some of the largest title companies across the nation. Business leaders know that we’ve developed an incredibly accurate, user-friendly, hyper-customizable tool. We’ve already proven that it works. We’ve already performed all the necessary beta testing. All our clients must do is provide their details. Our application platform adjusts quickly and efficiently to their needs.

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