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Title Tech Upgrade: The Life-Changing Transition From Self-Built Calculator to TitleCapture

The Life-Changing Transition from Self-Built Calculator to TitleCapture

After a title tech upgrade and successful website launch, Capitol Title hired their web development company to build them a proprietary title quote calculator. This tool would make life easier for clients by providing fast, accurate estimates with all the closing fees built-in.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Like most self-built calculators, it ended up costing Capitol Title more time than it saved due to unanticipated maintenance & upkeep hours. For example, keeping the system updated with changes in county transfer taxes, title insurance premium increases, and recording charges.

The future of the product was also in doubt since upgrading features or improving the user experience over time, while necessary, would be expensive.


Capitol Title invested in a new, proprietary calculator and it wasn’t bringing the intended value. They had two options: 

  1. Stand by their product and continue pouring time and resources into its usage and maintenance, or
  2. Accept the sunk development costs and search for a third-party alternative

Any third-party product would need to provide rapid and accurate quotes for Capitol’s clients without generating extra workload for staff. Naturally the price point would need to be more affordable than maintaining the proprietary app and. To be worthy of investment, the product would need to be fully maintained and feature-rich with dedicated customer support.


Fortunately for Capitol Title, they didn’t need to start from scratch. TitleCapture’s off-the-shelf functionality delivered everything that Director of Marketing, Sara Demb Goldstein, had been looking for—and much more they hadn’t even considered:

“When we found TitleCapture, we were so impressed with the superior customer service, the user-friendliness (for us and for our clients), the marketing capabilities, and overall professional look to the product that we jumped on it immediately. This has been life-changing for me, personally, and for our business.”

Sara Goldstein, Director of Marketing at Capitol Title

TitleCapture’s clean user interface lets users create fully customized title quotes in minutes. Not only that, but individual client logins can be provided at no extra cost. This allowed clients to create their own accurate estimates in seconds. Capitol Title’s realtors and lenders love the personalized branding of every estimate.


We were delighted to share that Capitol’s manual data problem was instantly solved upon switching to TitleCapture. TitleCapture has a proprietary database that holds recording fees, transfer and mortgage tax rates, property tax proration rules, and so much more—for all 3,141 counties in the US.

Every number is maintained by a dedicated data team so that estimates are always up-to-date.

THE RESULT: Title Tech Upgrade

Capitol Title is an industry leader in client service. The ability to rapidly provide clients with personalized, accurate quotes is a huge part of that service. However, having clients serve themselves has been game changing.

Capitol can easily set up clients with their own cloud-based TitleCapture accounts. From there, realtors and lenders regularly create their own estimates with total confidence in their accuracy and without going through title agents. With the most professional estimates in the industry, this has been incredibly valuable. Particularly during in-person meetings and for obtaining estimates quickly outside of office hours.

Since adopting TitleCapture, Capitol Title has been able to provide faster and more effective service to clients while also freeing up more hours for closings. Despite having lost time and money building their proprietary calculator, the company isn’t looking back. Our team of specialists made the transition seamless, and Capitol Title’s agents, clients, and owners couldn’t be happier with the change.

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