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How does TitleCapture compare to Lodestar?

How does TitleCapture compare to Lodestar?

Here are some of the highlights when comparing the two.

In the realm of title agency technology, TitleCapture and Lodestar are prominent players in title. In this blog post, we will compare the key features and functionalities of these platforms to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive into the details!

Functionality for Real Estate Agents: TitleCapture takes the lead by offering real estate agents a wealth of functionality and tools. It goes beyond the lender-focused approach of Lodestar, ensuring that agents have access to the features they need to enhance their client experience. TitleCapture empowers agents with lead generation tools, enabling them to generate and nurture leads, expand their network, and drive business growth. Unfortunately, Lodestar lacks similar lead generation features, limiting its appeal to real estate agents.

Website Tools for Title Agencies: TitleCapture goes above and beyond by providing a comprehensive suite of website tools for title agencies. These tools allow agencies to create professional and customizable websites, enhancing their online presence and improving their overall client experience. On the other hand, Lodestar does not offer website tools for title agencies, missing an opportunity to leverage the online space effectively.

Custom SSO and API Access: TitleCapture provides custom Single Sign-On (SSO) integration capabilities and API access, allowing for seamless integration with other systems and customization options. In contrast, Lodestar does not offer custom SSO or API access to quotes, which can hinder integration with existing systems and limit the flexibility and automation options for title agencies.

Pricing: Pricing can play a significant role in the decision-making process. TitleCapture offers a fixed monthly subscription, providing predictable costs for title agencies. On the other hand, Lodestar charges per quote, which can result in unpredictable and potentially higher expenses for agencies over time. This price model can make TitleCapture a more affordable option for title agencies looking for budget-friendly solutions.

Here’s how TitleCapture
stacks up against Lodestar
TitleCapture Lodestar
Title Quotes
TitleCapture helps agents and consumers get accurate title rates and fees, as well as recording & transfer taxes.
TRID Loan Estimates & Closing Disclosures
TitleCapture helps lenders get TRID-compliant title rates and fees for their Loan Estimates and CDs
Seller Net Sheets
TitleCapture helps real estate agents provide sellers with accurate net-at-close estimates.
Buyer Estimates
TitleCapture helps real estate agents provide buyers with accurate due-at-close amounts and monthly payment estimates.
Other Buyer/Seller Estimates
TitleCapture gives real estate agents access to Sell-To-Net, Multiple Offers, Monthly Affordability, Rent vs Buy, and more.
Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools
TitleCapture allows real estate agents to generate real-time infographics, flyers for both print and social marketing.
Real Estate Agent Website Lead Capture Widget
TitleCapture’s agent widget allows agents and brokers to capture more leads coming to their website.
Title Agency Website Builder
TitleCapture allows title agencies to create a mobile-friendly website without any design or development skills required.
Website Title Quote Widget
TitleCapture’s title quote widget helps title agencies disclose their rates and fees to incoming website traffic without a required login.
Mobile Friendly
TitleCapture’s products are all mobile-responsive and optimized to work on any device.
Order Title
TitleCapture allows agents and consumers to quickly send an order, complete with all the details and required documents.
Customization Of Fee Schedules
TitleCapture is by far the most customizable quoting tool in the market, a frequent choice for large, national title agencies that have a large footprint and very complex fee schedules.
Multiple Underwriters
TitleCapture can customize the quoting to allow various categories of app users the ability to choose what underwriter should be featured on the quote.
SSO access, API integrations
TitleCapture can be seamlessly integrated into your existing agent platform via SSO access. You can also use TitleCapture’s API to deliver quotes inside your custom quoting tool.
Price / Affordability
TitleCapture has always been one of the most affordable quoting solutions, providing positive ROI for title agencies nationwide.

In conclusion, TitleCapture and Lodestar differ in their focus, functionality, and pricing models. TitleCapture stands out by offering extensive functionality for real estate agents, lead generation tools, comprehensive website tools for title agencies, custom SSO and API access, and a fixed monthly subscription. Lodestar, primarily targeting lenders, lacks lead generation tools for agents, website tools for title agencies, custom SSO and API access, and offers a pricing model that may result in higher costs over time.

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