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Web-Based Rate Calculators Aren’t Sticky Enough! Time to “Upgrade” to a Mobile App.

Web-Based Rate Calculators Aren't Sticky Enough! Time to Upgrade to a Mobile App

All title agencies know how important it is to be able to hand out quotes to realtors and lenders. They know it’s important for those quotes to be timely and accurate.

Some agencies prefer acting as a concierge and simply have their in-house staff generate and send agents quotes, whenever they reach out asking for either a title quote or a seller net sheet.

Other agencies know that speed is important, so they put up some kind of website title quote calculator (or even a seller net sheet tool) – much like a self-serve tool for agents. 

The former solution optimizes for accuracy to the detriment of speed. The latter prioritizes timeliness to the detriment of accuracy.

Neither is ideal, yet many agencies who already have a rate calculator seem to think it’s enough. And it may be enough if your goal is to deliver a couple of quotes here and there, but definitely not enough if your goal is to create stickiness and an incredible client experience. 

If you want that, we recommend you go for your own branded quote app. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider having one.

Provides easy access for everyone

If your goal is to stay in front of your agents and clients, an app is the best way to go. With an app, users can access data and the rate calculator wherever they are rather than relying on a desktop computer. Plus, agents can easily share estimates with clients directly from their mobile devices.

Produce better analytics

A website-based quote calculator only provides final closing costs rather than transaction breakdowns. 

With an app-based rate calculator, you can offer agents and clients seller net sheets and a variety of estimates to help with agent planning. Additionally, agents can track in-app activity to close deals quickly.

Yield greater accuracy and customization

With an app, you can customize the experience for agents, helping them get the answers they need without calling title representatives for clarification. More accurate estimates help agents give clients exact numbers, thus increasing the chance of a deal going through. 

An app also allows agents to import orders directly into settlement software, eliminating wasted time.

Improve brand recognition and client experience

A white-labeled app instantly improves brand recognition for your business and creates an individualized client experience. Instant title quotes and up-to-date estimates can quickly increase the number of completed deals. Because the app lives on an agent’s device, it is always accessible.

You may be surprised to learn that a website-based rate calculator is likely not enough to draw in new agents and clients. It is simplistic legacy technology that is – for the most part – obsolete. With TitleCapture, you can provide great analytics, instant quotes, up-to-date estimates, and more from a white-labeled app. With your company logo and colors added to the app, you will provide users a transparent and seamless experience.

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