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Winning Title Agencies Do This One Simple Thing and Always Get Ahead

Winning Title Agencies Do This One Simple Thing and Always Get Ahead

If you start your business with an “exit” strategy in mind, you’re toast. If you start your business with the main goal of making as much money as possible, you’re going to go broke in no time.

The only mentality that works is that of “How can I provide more value to my clients, partners, affiliates, etc?” This is the ONLY way. If you provide value, you become invaluable and indispensable. Sought after, recommended, praised, hated… All the good things. 🙂

We work with SO MANY title agencies nationwide, that it allows us to see what the winners do vs what the losers do, and here’s the one thing we’ve picked up on the winners:

Title agencies that constantly get business and grow are the same ones that invest the most in providing value to each category they come in contact with.

Whether it’s Lenders, Realtors, Buyers, Sellers, these title agencies strive to provide real, tangible value. Whether it’s help in the form of insight and education for each of the listed categories, or it’s useful tools that make their life easier: such as our app, TitleCapture, among other tools, the common denominator is they “give, give, give”.

Even the time they take to make their website and marketing materials easy to use, understand and act upon, gives you a hint on how far these agencies go to provide value, in the form of saving them precious time.

TitleCapture allows you to provide that VALUE.

You have NO EXCUSE (and this is by far not a plug) to not schedule a demo and see for yourself the true value of TitleCapture.

This is what we do with our app. Try to offer tools that save your Realtors and Lenders time. That’s probably the best value you can offer right there.

Let me give you an example. We think we have the best Seller Net Sheet tool that your Realtors can access, anywhere. It’s so comprehensive that they can go and not only generate an estimate of the seller’s net proceeds in no time, but with one click, they can mail it out, they can render a compliant PDF with all the necessary details (including a signature line). It’s awesome.

But here’s the cool thing. We’re always striving to make perfect better.

This is why, we’ve just included yet another feature to this tool. Unlimited Expenses AND Credits. The way it works is the Realtor can now plug in, one after the other, ANY kind of expense and/or credit the seller may receive from ANYONE (be it the buyer or any other 3rd party).


The real value we offer YOU, the title agency, is that you’re able to stick with a product that always growing and evolving, while keeping a sharp focus on the value it provides to your agents and employees.

Be a winner. Offer value!

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