Job Openings

Product Manager

Salary range:

– Between 120k and 150k / yearly


Desired results:

– [Next 120 days] Conduct client and user interviews and have a clear sense of where our product needs to go for the company to grow from a $3,600/yr ARPA to at least $7,200/yr on average per client.

– [Next 90 days] Figure out solutions and integration partners, to fill the gaps between our product and our top competitors.



– US-native and US-based OR non-US with perfect language skills and comfortable working in the US time zone

– 3+ years of experience in Product Management or a similar role

– A proven track record of success in working with designers, engineers, and various stakeholders to build great products and features

– Excellent problem-solving, organizational, and analytical skills.

– Experience with A/B testing and using metrics to drive product development

– Comfortable engaging with users and clients, conducting client discovery and validation calls and smartly integrating insights into product development.

– Experience leading teams and building products from scratch

– Experience with design software such as Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc

– Experience with analytics software such as Mixpanel, Posthog, Google Analytics, etc



– Conducting and analyzing user and client reviews, surveys, and interviews.

– Keeping a firm pulse on industry direction.

– Working with marketing, sales, and support teams to ensure success.

– Defining and analyzing metrics that determine the success of the product.

– Collaborating with the user experience team to share learnings and produce a remarkable product.

– Prioritizing initiatives for business growth and constantly listening to users to maintain product love.

– Implementing internal tools to increase operational efficiency throughout the organization.

– Experimenting with creative features to engage and grow users daily.

– Challenging others to see product beyond just the digital experience and create more ways to differentiate and make an impact.

– Create and maintain playbooks and documentation on the team’s recurring processes, to ensure standardization, replication, scalability and minimum ramp-up times for each new hire


Core Values:

– Critical thinker and using reason to be an effective problem solver

– No involvement in the current divisive societal topics

– Highly coachable

– Striving for clarity and focus when leading upstream or downstream


Please email your resume and we will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you.