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Success Story: TitleSmart Inc., an agency that brings in 800 new deals per month!

Success Story: TitleSmart Inc., an agency that brings in 800 new deals per month!

We love it whenever we are able to get feedback from our clients. We love it even more when we find out TitleCapture is a success for them. One such client is a truly inspiring agency in MN, TitleSmart Inc.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Cindy Koebele, the president and owner of TitleSmart. We are so thankful for the kind words she had to say about us and our product.

First, let’s get to know Cindy. Cindy Koebele is the president and owner of TitleSmart, Inc., where she leads a talented and growing team to deliver extraordinary closing experiences to clients across the Minnesota Twin Cities metro area.

Cindy’s constant pursuit of new ways to “wow” customers has earned her several awards, including being named one of the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal’s Women in Business Honorees in 2015 and a 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner in the Upper Midwest in the Insurance Services Category. 

“I think it was October of 2013 and I was attending the ALTA Convention in Palm Beach, at the Breakers Hotel. While checking out the newest items at the vendor exhibits, I came across this nice, little booth, showcasing a product called TitleCapture.

It was a fee quote app which supposedly allowed me to offer a cool and simple branded tool to my real estate and lender clients, enabling them to create their own title quotes and seller net sheets right from their mobile device or tablet.

For me, staying in front of real estate and lending professions and providing their clients with amazing customers has been at the core of so many of my business decisions. We’ve grown a lot because of this and today we’re averaging over 800+ deals per month. The overall customer experience really does matter and so naturally my attention was drawn to this neat little tool I could offer to my customers.

I’ll be honest with you. Even though I totally loved the product from the moment Kethe (one of the founders) gave me a demo, I wasn’t 100% certain that my agents and lenders would use it (just another thing to learn right?). What I did know, was that this would be a fantastic tool for my closers and staff.

I was certain that the things I loved about it, such as the ease of use, the beautiful interface and the fact that it worked on any kind of device (desktop, mobile phone or tablet), that was reason enough for me to want to implement it right away and roll it out as quickly as possible. So I pulled the trigger and in no time we were the first title company in the Twin City metro area to have TitleCapture.

TitleCapture’s support staff configured our quoting to accurately reflect our fees and rates, and almost immediately the app became a favorite.  It’s so easy to generate a quote and have the ability to convert it right to a Loan Estimate or ALTA statement with the ability to email it out instantly and/or save for edits later. The seller net sheet is also such a slick tool and has become such a bit “hit” with our real estate professionals as well as our closers.

My staff loved it. Our best agents and lenders (whom I personally showed our new app to) loved it too! Even though we already had an online quote calculator, our new app soon became the tool of choice and still is today.

The fact that the app is branded with our logo, colors and photos really made it look unique and solidified our brand to our customers who also say that “TitleSmart has it all”.

I never regret my decisions. And this is no exception. It was by far the biggest “takeaway” from that convention.

And yes, not all of our real estate agents use it, but they love that we have and use it and think we are pretty tech savvy as their title company. The ROI is a no brainer, not to mention the time it saves my staff whenever they have to create and send out a quote or net sheet to Realtors, lenders, homebuyers or sellers. 

Another thing I absolutely love about TitleCapture is the fact that it’s constantly evolving as a product. Both in terms of looks, ease of use as well as functionality.  As a matter of fact we are currently working with the TitleCapture staff on a host of new features that will allow us a greater degree of control over the quotes and net sheet templates, the ability to ban or block competitors who may tend to troll our platform and also making the app easily downloadable on the newest mobile devices available.”

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