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Critical Retention Strategies: Your Realtors are Going to Leave Your Title Agency If You Don’t Do This

Your Realtors are going to leave your title agency if you don't do this

Even if your title agency’s services are top notch, roughly half of your Realtors will not stick around for more than two years. Why? The answer doesn’t lie in your services, but in their emotions.

After a decade and a half of marketing, user experience, and then finally entrepreneurship, we at TitleCapture have a pretty good grasp of how consumers think, especially Realtors, lenders and title agents. This has led us to believe the following, in spite of many “experts” out there.

People buy things for ONLY two reasons. It’s either NECESSITY or ESCAPISM.

So let me explain this.

Necessity is when you don’t have a smartphone, so you need one to do email, go online to communicate and search stuff when you’re one the go.

Escapism, however, is when you upgrade from an iPhone 6s to an iPhone 7. There’s really NO spec in the new phone that you would consider a necessity, unless you’re really into photos and really know your stuff, which I doubt.

Necessity is what people usually search for in an active manner. When doing the research of whether to buy a product or sign up for service they put their “thinking hat” on. This is where search-based marketing works flawlessly.

Escapism is any human’s desire to escape their current condition, which we know is mostly miserable. Proving to yourself you’re not deprecated, that you’re still relevant, escaping boredom or inability to do something or reach a goal, improving your own opinion of yourself, are some of the main drivers of escapism.

Even though, initially, a Realtor will actively seek your title agency out of necessity, even if your services continue to be good, you’re still running the risk of losing that Realtor to the newer and sexier title agency in town. And I know its already happened to you.

Why? Because it’s not about your services. It’s about his or her emotions. His or her feelings about their business as a Realtor. You have to fulfill those EMOTIONAL NEEDS to keep that real estate agent attached to your title agency.

They have to love you NOW, and they have to KEEP LOVING you years down the line.

So how do you do this? Well, the best way is to first sit down and think about their emotional needs and what brings positivity in their life. Then, you need to understand what makes them trust you. The combination of joy and trust generates the emotion called love. Read this older article here.

Being trustworthy.

Look the part. Have a professional designer take care of your logo, stationery, website (this is where TitleCapture’s website builder may come in handy), and all marketing materials and make them look like “this year”, not 10 years ago.

If you have a quoting mechanism, whether a website calculator or an actual app, make sure it’s coming from TitleCapture. And here is the reason. Our products look 10 years ahead of any other competitor out there, and we’re very objective when we say that. It’s for your benefit.

Have an interior designer take care of your office space to make it really cool and professional. Have a dress-code for your employees. Whenever you have people coming into your office, take them through a clear process (front desk, then into the office, paperwork, etc). You need to employ the power of ritual. Your branding should be smartly integrated. You have to look “presidential” in everything you do.

Deliver on your promises ALWAYS, be on time, and NEVER underquote or overestimate what you can do or how fast something will take.

Make them feel successful. Make them feel like they’re growing.

Even if their deals or bottom line don’t look that great, treat all your Realtors like A players. Moreover, make them feel like they belong in a club of top-notch Realtors. Publish success stories and address your Realtors as being members of your “Platinum Agents” or “Over Achievers Club” — you can come up with anything you want.

More than that, make sure that you periodically hold seminars and webinars where you allow them to learn new things, that would make their job easier and more profitable. Have your best Realtors speak and share their knowledge.

Be motivational, educational and entertaining at the same time to win their hearts.

Offer them new and relevant tools and technology.

We at TitleCapture obsess over user experience, design and ease of use, therefore all our tools are and will always be one step ahead anyone. If you have an agency app, that makes their life easy, when it comes to generating estimates, make sure you go with us — you’ll see for yourself why.

If you have a website, refresh those looks and boast about it. And make sure it has an easy to use quoting mechanism, such as this.

Change your office space every couple of years. Decorate it differently. Everyone loves new things.

Offer them gifts from time to time.

Look, winning someone’s heart is not an easy task. But if you manage to crack the code of how you bring joy to people’s lives and how you make them trust you, they’ll stick around for a very, very long time.

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