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How to Market to Realtors: Networking

The Key to Marketing to Realtors is Networking

Referrals come from people who know you well and are one of the most important aspects of any business. Still, they’re not the main focus for Title Alliance CEO Jim Campbell and Stephen-Michael Washington, the vice president of Bancorp South.  Thus, how to market to realtors is through networking.

The duo spoke at NS3, the National Settlement Services Summit, about how they built their companies. Washington stated that most folks thought their conversations would revolve around asking for recommendations, information regarding purchasing leads, and the number of telephone calls made per day or individuals observed in a month.

However, asking for recommendations was not a concern; instead, they were based on focusing on developing and growing connections. The duo believes that recommendations are given through those connections despite being in a business that requires title insurance. They are in the business of creating honest relationships because it is the most crucial component of establishing a solid connection. They also understand that it’s only through authenticity that people are likely to trust you with their work.

How to Market to Realtors

Developing genuine relationships with clients and prospects is essential. This is one thing that has worked in helping many companies to grow. The duo believes that for a business to gain trust from prospects, its sales team must be willing to have a personal relationship with its customers, which comes from doing things together.

A genuine relationship allows business owners to survive bad times, and being in the real estate industry, they are not an exception. There’s just going to be something that goes wrong, and that’s all. When things that we have no power over happen, it heightens emotion. But how do we grow past those situations? The duo believes the problem will be much easier for any business with a genuine relationship with its clients. The same scenario would be challenging with a company that only focuses on keeping a reputation based on how quickly it can execute a title search, fill a CD, and how quickly it can close a loan. If you’ve communicated and strengthened that bond in that relationship, that business can survive whatever disaster nobody expected.

If a business relationship on how to market to realtors is only based on referrals, then it will only be as strong as the subsequent referral. When you build genuine connections, that’ll be reciprocated. It’ll be continuous, and it’ll be ongoing. Whenever you provide value and help your referral partners grow their businesses, who will they refer that new client to? They’ll refer them to you.

The duo also concurred that people who approach their jobs with generosity, of providing for others, are far more likely to succeed than self-centered salespersons. They also insist that those people willing to give more and push more out unconditionally to whomever, whether it’s the person they’re doing business with or the people they would like to do business with, are the people who have been the most effective. This is how to market to realtors.

Another critical aspect of how to market to realtors is consistency if you want to build successful customer relations. Businesses must set high service standards to attract repeat business from satisfied clients. Customers become unhappy when they don’t receive the level of service they expect.

Campbell and Marshall made it very clear that businesses must establish standards and processes for salespeople on how to market to realtors to know what to expect. Your company must provide something truly unique to stand apart from its competitors. It’s called marketing with a “competitive advantage,” commonly referred to as relationship building.

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