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Using social media to drive more title sales – with Beau Bullard @ Pioneer Title

Listen in to our guest Beau Bullard, the social title rep, and learn about using social media to boost title sales.
TitleCapture podcast – interview with Beau Bullard

The name of my guest today is Beau Bullard and you may know him as the social title rep. Beau is currently with Pioneer Title, in Arizona, one of the biggest title agencies in the country and an esteemed member of the TitleCapture family.

During the podcast we will be touching on using social media to drive more title sales, talking to:

  • Good result, bad goal — what it takes to be a good salesperson
  • The ideal title rep
  • How do you get people to know you on social media?
  • How to get started on Instagram and what content should you put out there
  • Quantity vs quality in social media
  • Using tech like ChatGPT in title work

Hope you enjoy it!

Check out: (See how you can grow your title agency) (Pioneer Title Agency)

Find Beau on social:

If you have any feedback or suggestions for topics you’d like me to cover, feel free to reach out to or search for Alex Samant on LinkedIn and send a Direct Message.

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