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How to make your Realtors & Lenders Love Your Title Agency

How To Make Your Realtors & Lenders Love Your Title Agency

We live our daily lives REACTING, not thinking. Keep this in mind!

90% of our awake time, we are acting on reflexes and reacting emotionally to the stimuli around us. This is a well-known fact to most marketers that get real results. The moment you understand that your marketing effectiveness depends on how well you manage to communicate EMOTIONALLY, not rationally, with your target audience, that’s the moment when all the pieces fall into place and marketing becomes easy.

Decision making is emotional, not rational. However, many of you may be scared of this “emotional” thing. Don’t be. It’s quite easy, but it requires work.

Out of many theories about human emotion, there is one that really does a great job at explaining how they work. It’s Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions. According to Plutchik, there are 8 basic human emotions and certain feelings, such as “love” or “submission” is a combination of two of those basic emotions.

Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see that, according to the Wheel of Emotions, LOVE is a combination of Trust + Joy.


You can’t really have your Realtors and Lenders LOVE YOU, unless you appear trustworthy, but at the same time manage to give them that joy, that positivity they all need.

So let’s see how you can achieve all this using CONTENT MARKETING.

Step 1:  Appearing Trustworthy

There are many ways you can craft this solid, trustworthy image. You could use testimonials, real ones, videos shot of your Realtors or Lenders talking about how you managed to do get the closing done, fast and secure. Homebuyers and sellers that talk about how you managed to explain everything and provide real value.

The other way to project a trustworthy image is to tackle industry specific issues, in a very thorough, professional manner.

Also, showing your face (hence using video or photography) is preferred to hiding behind written content and just a name and job title.

Last but not least, let your audience know you’re growing, new team members are coming in, moving to a newer office, these kinds of things that show you’re progressing and doing well. Also, any new piece of technology will make you appear tech-savvy and forward-thinking, one of the sure-fire ways to generating admiration.

Step 2:  Bringing Joy

Well, the easiest thing to do to bring Joy is to simply make someone laugh. But while telling a joke will make people laugh, you need to ask yourself if this is relevant to your company. So, at the most, your joke will need to be related to something you or your Realtors and Lenders do, and not something random.

Leaving joking aside, it’s a known fact that there are 3 things that may bring joy to your Realtors and Lenders:

  • their relationship with others
  • their meaning and purpose
  • the sense of accomplishment

If you could post nice Instagram-styled quotes with inspiring image backgrounds, that touch on these 3 topics above, and do it regularly, you’re going to become their feel-good dispenser.

You could also post articles on “how to” have a better relationship with the buyers/borrowers and sellers, their family, etc. On how to grow and feel satisfied with their work.

This is the kind of Joy you’d like to bring and associate your brand with.

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