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Announcing Our New ‘Estimates’ Page and Feature Enhancements

Announcing Our New ‘Estimates’ Page and Feature Enhancements

TitleCapture is excited to announce the first of several planned user experience upgrades for 2022!

As of Tuesday, May 10th, we are launching a new “Estimates” page and related upgrades to the user interface which will streamline your ability to manage your estimates in one central location.

First, you’ll notice enhancements to the styling of the “Estimates” dropdown menu with a more modern and clean look.

Next, your estimates now autosave, listing all your previous work with options for sorting and filtering. You can favorite estimates you’re working on, rename important estimates, search for specific keywords, and more! This will save you time, effort, and frustration trying to keep track of all your work and let you easily revisit any deal.

Visit our knowledge base for more detailed information.

For a quick overview, check out this video:

Contact for additional help or training.

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