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Realtors are Obsessed with Tech that Provides Real Value, and They Will LOVE a Great Rate Quoting App

Realtors are Obsessed with Tech that Provides Real Value, and They Will LOVE a Great Rate Quoting App

If you talk to 100 title agency owners, sales reps or even closers they will tell you their clients – especially their real estate agents – are lazy and slow to adopt or use any kind of technology or tool they’re provided with. 

To be honest, they’re not entirely wrong, especially when you look at the tech that’s out there. You wouldn’t use it either judging by how sloppy and obsolete it looks and feels like. 

However, there are successful title agencies out there who do offer premium tech, whose agents love using, and most importantly, brag about it when talking to their peers – attracting a lot of new business to said title agency. 

We believe that putting the right tools in front of your clients depends largely on you knowing what to choose and what your clients and agents expect. And since we’re a quoting app company, we’re going to strictly refer to choosing a quoting app, but many of these tips do apply to many other solutions, including settlement software, secure portals, etc.

So what exactly do your clients want from a quoting app? 

1. A User-Friendly Design

Only some real estate agents are tech-gurus. Yet, most need an app to help them retrieve accurate data and streamline their daily processes. They need straightforward, simple functionality which they can rely on. 

2. Accuracy They Can Trust

With fierce competition from every angle, realtors can’t afford to make errors or operate inefficiently. 

They need to know that they can trust their title company and any associated technology to provide accurate information in real-time every hour of every day. 

With large brokerages in local and national markets to compete with, anything less than complete reliability will see their reputation plummet, making it harder to compete and meet targets. 

3. Estimation and Ordering Tools

To grow within their careers and build lasting client relationships, realtors and lenders need various estimate tools to carry out their jobs. 

An app that acts as a one-stop shop gives them everything they need to deliver an unbeatable service during the title process, ultimately creating a foundation of trust and dependability between you and your clients. 

4. Real Estate Agents are Mobile

Being stuck in an office is no longer the norm. Realtors are more mobile than ever and constantly moving between viewings and appointments. 

As such, they need a quoting app that is accessible 24/7, regardless of location or time of day. 

It is crucial that the app you use provides a solid connection to cellular and other wireless services and operates using the same accuracy and efficiency that you can find on a desktop computer.  

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