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Why Women May Be The Ideal Entrepreneurs

Why Women May Be The Ideal Entrepreneurs

I’m a guy. And an entrepreneur. As a co-founder of TitleCapture I deal with a lot of challenges day and day out. And that prompts me to think about certain things, especially when it comes to people, whether it’s customers, employees or people we want to hire. 

It isn’t that easy to admit it, but there’s a lot of evidence pointing to this: women are natural born entrepreneurs. This may sound nuts to other guys, but let’s just explore this wild theory for a bit.

The closest thing in nature to starting a business is having a baby. A lot of people actually refer to their business as their baby.

You have an idea and concieve a business plan, all this while maintaining a vision of how your “baby” will look like and how much joy it will bring you. For the next few months you spend your time nurturing that idea, trying to materialize it, create the initial product or service, etc.

Then, the moment of truth, you launch it. But nothing’s over. This is where it actually starts. This is where you’re 24/7 in the game, feeding your new business. It needs your time, your sleepless nights, it’s a struggle. And it takes time, and pivoting, and unconditional attachment no matter how it actually came out initially.

But as time goes by, slowly, your business starts working and this is the time when you need to detach a bit and let other people contribute to it. This is where you stop micromanaging and having to do everything yourself, as the critical phase is now over. Your baby is safe.

See, men are the protectors. Give a man a reason to fight and he will die for that cause.  Men are the natural born leaders, the CEOs, the generals of this world. But it may just be that women are the ideal creators.

It may very well be that women have an innate timing mechanism that tells them when the ideal time has come to launch, what the appropriate level of commitment is before the business exists, when to go on auto-pilot, etc.

Not saying men don’t have these skills. Just saying mother nature may have planted them in women. For a good reason. Guys, feel free to disagree. I sometimes argue about this with myself too. 🙂

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