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Six Sigma Quality Control for Title Agencies: A Primer

Six Sigma Quality Control for Title Agencies: A Primer

Newer isn’t always the solution. The Six Sigma methodology was crafted back in 1980 by Motorola and remains one of the top methods for title agencies to enhance customer service, fuel expansion, and create more quality processes. In fact, many large companies like GE, Boeing, Kodak, 3M, and Ford Motors are hiring professionals with Six Sigma Quality Control Certification to help ensure effective daily processes and future business success.

While you may think that these well-known companies all operate in the manufacturing sector, that doesn’t mean that Six Sigma Quality Control won’t work for your title agency. Instead, it has been adopted by many service businesses, including those in the healthcare, education, and financial services sectors. All of these have saved bundles by correcting insufficiencies and errors in their business processes.

Analytical Approach

Title agencies tend to rely on people processes. Many leaders make the mistake of only analyzing numbers. Six Sigma Quality Control gives your business’s leaders the analytical knowledge they need to enhance their staffing abilities and perfect your business’s processes.

When you make decisions solely based on numbers, you miss one crucial part of optimizing your business function optimally. You must be focused on aligning your business’s processes with your needs. When you focus on these different metrics, you can find straightforward ways to enhance your business that you would otherwise miss if you were just focused on numbers.

Six Sigma’s DMAIC Methodology and Staff Engagement

When you discover Six Sigma Quality Control is the perfect investment for your business, it’s time to get your employees on board. No matter how significant any investment is, it will never be entirely successful without the backing of your staff members. One of the easiest ways to get them on board with Six Sigma is to show them its incredible benefits simply.

At its very core, Six Sigma can inform your staff members on how to fuel business expansion, enhance customer service, and optimize your business processes. More specifically, this program addresses sales, marketing, and human resources and their role in your overall business’s success.

A key area of Six Sigma is known as DMAIC. This stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. This methodology allows staff members to identify critical defects in their daily processes. Once identified, data is collected to determine how these defects are occurring so that your employees are loaded with the knowledge they need to select the best method for reducing these defects going into the future.

All those certified by Six Sigma are taught three fundamental principles. These include that all work is a process, each process has variability, and data can explain the specific variability of each process. Staff members can uniquely approach your business processes with this methodology mindset. This allows them to identify and rid your business of defects, which in turn helps to enhance your customer service and grow your business.

With Six Sigma, you can enjoy boosted efficiency, higher customer loyalty, and more revenue each year. These are just some of the many reasons that leading brands have all their staff members undergo Six Sigma certification. Isn’t it about time that your title agency does the same?

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