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How TitleCapture Enabled America’s Longest Standing Real Estate Company to Mobilize Operations and Provide Unparalleled Customer Service

How TitleCapture Enabled America’s Longest Standing Real Estate Company to Mobilize Operations and Provide Unparalleled Customer Service


As the longest-running real estate agency in America, it’s safe to say that Baird & Warner has seen it all during their 167 years of service, including a challenge to mobilize operations.

Priding themselves on offering a “fully integrated, full-service approach”, their top priority has always been offering the most seamless and unbeatable experience possible.


With over 100 title agents and thousands of clients to manage, providing quotes promptly and effectively was proving somewhat challenging.

Despite high staff ratios, agents struggled to manage their workload due to the necessity of timely data entry and manual processes.

Agents depended on Excel spreadsheets that would auto-populate taxes and fees, meaning that countless hours that could have been spent nurturing client relationships were tied up within outdated processes.

Due to the complexity of the spreadsheets needed, agents were kept tied to their desks as quotes could only be calculated using desktop technology. This meant that agents were restricted to generating resources within office hours, severely constricting the team’s potential and productivity.


In order to increase efficiency and mobilize operations, a solution needed to be found. One that was user-friendly and could be rolled out across various locations.

That’s where we came in (cue superhero music).

“TitleCapture solved our desktop issue. No longer are we reliant on laptops and computers. We can now mobilize our operations and offer unbeatable service to our clients whether on the road or in the office.” – Scott Persin, VP of sales Baird & Warner

Quotes that once took hours to process are now generated in seconds, allowing Baird & Warner agents the time needed to adequately nurture leads and build relationships that last a lifetime.


Baird & Warner view TitleCapture as an indispensable tool that has completely transformed how quotes are sent and received.

Employees are more productive, efficiency has increased, and client satisfaction levels are higher than ever.

Instead of being limited by time, agents are now able to dedicate their resources to driving repeat customer and increasing organizational growth.

In the coming months, these transformational changes are expected to magnify, with Illinois-specific tax brackets, client updates and tool tips soon to be added to Baird & Warners service package.

At TitleCapture, providing our clients with exceptional results is the highest priority. As such, our development team is constantly working on ways to enhance and personalize our client experience as well as mobilize operations.

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