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Qualia Connect Real Estate Software: A Complete Review

Qualia Connect Real Estate Software: A Complete Review

Qualia Connect can drastically improve results by refining a title agency’s digital strategy. Learn more about this process by reading the following review about benefits, key features, and pros and cons.

Increase Digital Closings

Digital closings are increasing in their importance for title companies. This process, once relatively obscure, is now mainstream. Today, there are more tools than ever before that can accelerate and simplify the home closing process. This is attractive to potential clients across various channels online. Qualia does a great job in this regard.

Closing Portal in Qualia Connect

The closing portal feature enables online notarization through a remote process. Collaboration is easier, and no in-person meetings are necessary. In addition, you can also benefit from the electronic signature tool, scheduler, calendar, video chat, and more.

Electronic signatures: Take advantage of the electronic signature feature in the closing portal. This handy feature can capture e-signatures safely and securely. Title companies can now offer unprecedented transparency to clients, document location from the eVault, and provide aggregate data retrieval.

Scheduling: Your team members can use the scheduler to set appointments or meetings. Set the event’s visibility to let your team members coordinate in an informed manner.

Calendar: Share scheduled events with team members by using the calendar features. Stay on track and set goals that keep everyone on the same page.

Video Chat: Use the video chat feature to get everyone together during closing. This eliminates the need for in-person meetings to get the closing business completed. This works great with the online notarization feature, also called remote online notarization, or RON.

Overall, you will improve the experience of all clients by enabling them to remain up to date about their order status, secure closing procedures, and notarize through the video chat feature.

Managing Orders and Processing

Teams need to understand various aspects of the order to manage the necessary actions. The features in Qualia Connect enable teams to manage the order status and take steps to get them closer to closing. Enhanced features for communication ensure quality control, security, and efficient management of order processing.

Collaboration tools are available any time of the day or night. Allow team members to participate in specific tasks while coordinating the overall workflow.

Essential collaboration tools include the following:

  • Onboard email: Send templates through email to reach various parties and invite them to your team. This enables effective collaboration right from the first communication.
  • Track progress: Use the progress tracker to keep an eye on the progress of different orders. Create an action plan based on accurate and up-to-date information stored in the system.
  • Communication features: Use various tools like the video chat to accelerate the time it takes to close.
  • Store and find documents: Closing documentation can be safely stored and recalled within the Qualia system. This enables you to keep track of vital records. Title companies, lawyers, and other parties can access hard copies. Electronically signed documents are stored in the eVault, which complies with regulations set forth by UETA and ESIGN.

Mobile Devices, Apps

Qualia Connect integrates seamlessly with mobile devices. Use it with any Android or iOS phone or tablet. Enjoy a perfect replication of the Web-based apps on any mobile device. Team members in transit benefit disproportionately from the ability to monitor title orders while on the move. Key features:

  • Team members can track the order status for any order inside the system.
  • Get fast notifications about the status of any order.
  • Monitor your team’s performance through the generated reports and track any order details.

Closing Comments

Qualia Connect has a unique and robust feature offering. Here are our conclusions:

  • Qualia Connect allows conducting digital closings with confidence securely.
  • Enjoy a transparent process compared to conventional in-person closings.
  • Reduce overall costs, and reduce errors related to misprints and oversights.
  • Future-proof your business by enrolling your team members in a digital closing workflow.
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