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Social Media for Realtors: How Top Agents Execute on Social Media

Social Media for Realtors: How Top Agents Execute on Social Media

On the surface, social media often seems oversaturated with businesses and brands looking to expand their market share in new directions. It might leave the newcomer wondering if social media for realtors makes sense. It does.

While the breadth of businesses and brands on social media is substantial, that doesn’t always equate with a meaningful depth of penetration into a given market. After all, most realtors only deal with one city or even a small handful of neighborhoods. Keep reading for some tips on how top agents execute on social media.

Personal Brand Building

Social media stands as a safe middle ground between impersonal advertising and the inevitable pressures of an in-person meeting. Ads don’t tell potential clients anything except a name, while the possibility of a high-price purchase looms large during casual encounters.

Social media for realtors lets potential clients get a feel for who a realtor is and what they sell. If an agent only sells luxury homes, that will make them a bad fit for many clients. By the same token, those only interested in luxury homes can take a pass if that’s not in an agent’s wheelhouse.

Nobody wastes time on meetings that won’t result in a happy client or closed sale.

Client Base Building with Video

Most estimates suggest that video will account for over 80 percent of all internet traffic globally in 2022. While that doesn’t portend the doom of the written word, it does suggest that video must become a more significant part of every realtor’s marketing arsenal. The good news is that most social media platforms support video, and several specialize in it. That capacity is a godsend in terms of social media for realtors. It lets them reach out and interact with potential clients in entirely new ways.

Realtors can take them on video tours, field frequently asked questions, and reach people who might not otherwise find them.

Communication Evolved

While social media for realtors will primarily focus on video content, photographs, and brand building, most social media platforms also include communication tools. Think of DMs on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger.

Many homebuyers grew up using these tools or ones just like them. It’s a natural part of their communication landscape. Realtors must evolve their communication expectations to include them as serious tools for receiving and responding to inquiries.

Client Vetting

People share a truly astounding amount of information on social media sites. That gives the savvy realtor a chance to do some client vetting. A quick look at someone’s profile can often provide clues about whether that person will be a good fit for the properties an agent typically sells.

Social Media for Realtors

There is plenty of room left for new and experienced realtors to get into the social media game. While agents might worry that the social media for realtors’ ground is oversaturated, they should put that fear to bed. Just as importantly, they should.

Social media for realtors provides a chance to establish new client bases and build a personal brand. Social media sites also let agents communicate differently and even do some basic client vetting. It’s an opportunity to expand their businesses and work more efficiently.

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