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The SECRET To Great Title Agency Marketing

The SECRET To Great Title Agency Marketing

It may feel overwhelming, really. And you as a title agency owner or marketing manager sometimes get that feeling of being lost. Media this, media that, social this, search that, blog this, vlog that … Phew! It feels overwhelming because it actually is. We live in a world where communication is on steriods. 

That’s why I actually thought of writing this little piece. I want to cut through the noise and bring some clarity and make this simple for you.

There are really only a few things to always keep in mind and the simpler you keep it the better you are off. And that’s the big secret really.

Marketing is a constant search process.

You always search for that thing that gets your Realtors’ and Lenders’ attention. For that, you have to try out many things. Constantly. Maybe they like infographics, pdf studies about real estate trends, articles about how to get more deals. Or maybe they’re in the car a lot and you can create a podcast. Maybe a vlog on YouTube grabs their attention. Who knows?

We sure don’t. And neither do you until you actually try out all of these and see how many new agents they bring you.

When you figure out what works, go all in.

The second thing is once you figure out what works, you go all in and push all your chips in that direction. Let’s say they love your vlog and recommend it to everyone of their colleague. Great! Go all in. Get the best gear, get a good editor, get good lighting, travel and do guest interviews, push out 3x more video content… Take it to the next level. Commit 80% of your marketing resources to this, with the other 20% left to keep searching for new ways.

Give more, without asking.

Third, once you have their attention, keep nurturing the relationship. Give as if they are your customer, and guess what? Many of them will actually reward you by becoming one. Because when you market you need to make it about your Realtors and Lenders, not about you!

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