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Why Title Agencies Need Technology To Get More Business

Why Title Agencies Need Technology To Get More Business

It’s no secret. We live in 2016 and the world has drastically changed in terms of communication. Personal, face-to-face interaction is being replaced more and more with technology-driven interaction, whether we’re talking about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other platforms. 

Many Fortune500 companies actually do customer support over Twitter for example. Also, they keep in touch with their customer base via their LinkedIn or Facebook business page, where they post updates and important messages. First, we had email that replaced in-person interaction. Now, email is slowly being replaced by these social platforms. It is what it is. 

The point is you as a title agency can’t really shy away from these. And I don’t really care about arguments such as “Oh, but my Realtors are not on social media”, or “My Lenders will never use my Facebook page to send me a message”, or “I’m just not that tech savvy”, etc. These arguments don’t matter for the following reasons.

1. The market is the great equalizer

If you can’t sell, you’re finished. If your competition is using technology to market and you’re not, guess who’s out of business pretty soon? Therefore, marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, knowing how to put valuable content your agents can relate to (authentic, original, valuable content, not just sharing industry news and articles), is essential. After that, knowing how to effectively target your intended audience and advertise your content and your services to them is also paramount. 

So, forget about brochures, forget about radio ads, forget about magazines. Forget about all of that. Your target is sitting there, online, and you have a way to DIRECTLY reach it, without the use of a middleman (such as a magazine or radio station, etc.) Get involved.

2. Millennials are constantly becoming more and more important to you as a business.

Whether we’re talking about Realtors, lenders, homebuyers or sellers, the millennials are becoming an increasing percentage of either your agents or your consumers. What that means is this: If you can’t speak their language, if you can’t offer them the tools they’re used to, if you can’t communicate with them in the channels they use… you’re essentially going to be isolated. Talking to yourself. 

For example: Millennials are accustomed to using technology to do just about everything. A millennial Realtor will rather reach out for his mobile or laptop, open up your title agency app and calculate his own estimates, than give you a call and talk to Bobby or Ricky or Cynthia (wink). Your other millennial Realtors will probably find out you have an app from one of your Facebook updates that said something like “Realtors, here’s the best Seller Net Sheet tool you’ve ever used… ever!”.

BTW, an app like that is exactly what TitleCapture is, so if you want to find out more information head over to TitleCapture and schedule a demo to find out more.

3. The mobile has become the “first-screen”, no longer the second.

Take a look at the graph below. It shows how much time people actually spend their mobile devices compared to TV and radio and print. Astounding. And just think about the fact that the trend will just keep going. 


Source: Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers

It seems the world is changing FAST. You need to keep up!

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