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Remote Online Notarization: What is RON?

Remote Online Notarization

Generally speaking, to prevent fraud during real estate transactions, both financial and real estate service companies require notarial services to be performed. These notaries actively verify the identity of signing individuals via their identification cards and signatures to ensure that they are the person they’re stating they are.¬†There is no denying that the notarial services help prevent unnecessary title insurance claims and other unpleasant consequences. So how does online notarization work, and what is RON?

As notarization services were typically conducted in-person to ensure proper identification, the newest technological advancement is remote online notarization or RON. This notarial service is conducted in a secure online environment to save users money and time. Even though RON is relatively new, there are many indications that it is here to stay for the long term.

What is RON?

Remote online notarization (RON) allows a signing person to appear before a public notary via a webcam to have their documents notarized. Just like in-person notarizations, RON requires the signing individual to have ID verification documents that have to be provided to the remote notary to verify their identity. It is crucial to note that RON was first enacted in Virginia in 2011. Since then, over 20 U.S. states have included RON as a viable method for their notarial services.

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit, more states started to rush temporary emergency laws regarding remote online notarization. Nebraska, Arizona, and Maryland adopted emergency procedures that allowed traditional notaries to perform remote notarization services to help keep business transactions moving during the pandemic.

How Does RON Work?

To start, it is essential to note that each state has its own specific laws and procedures regarding remote online notarization. Most states have a specific set of technical standards that certifying notaries must utilize to process their transactions. Many online notaries utilize special software such as SIGNiX as an end-to-end online notary system that helps to provide secure and fast notarizations for customers. So, when one asks, “What is RON?” the legal definition may vary from state to state.

While each state has different laws regarding RON, many standard procedures are followed by all states. Whenever you need a document notarized, you will need to upload the document alongside your identification documents so that the notary has access to them. The notary agent will proceed to establish an appointment time for a video conference where they can verify your identity, allow you to sign the document, and provide an appropriate electronic seal.

Remote online notarization is used by various businesses, including real estate agencies, title agencies, banks, lending institutions, insurance companies, and even car dealerships. The notarial process helps to provide all parties of the transaction assurance that the documents are being signed by the right person in a sane state of mind.

The Many Benefits of RON

The most significant benefit of RON is that clients do not have to physically visit a notary to do their business transactions. Most people have a smartphone or a computer that has a webcam that will allow them to take part in the notarization process from anywhere easily they have internet connectivity. It is easy to see how this remote access can help to save clients both time and money when it comes to their business transactions.

Real estate and mortgage companies deal with hundreds of loans every single day. All these loans require the notarization of many different documents. This required having one on staff or paying for a notary’s time and travel expenses with a traditional notary. In addition, companies had to pay for services like photocopying and faxing on top of the standard notarial fee.

With RON, all the documents are sent electronically, eliminating the need for photocopying and faxing. Additionally, lenders and real estate companies do not have to worry about paying for the notary’s travel expenses since everything can be completed over a webcam.

I hope we have answered the question: What is RON! The pandemic has taught us about notarization because having the option of remote online notarization opens doors for many people who would not be able to do in-person meetings. RON significantly helps streamline processes for businesses required to perform contact-less services. With unmatched flexibility and overall efficiency, RON has gained a permanent position in the business sector.

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