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Mortgage Calculator, Like Your Title Estimate Calculator, is a Lead Gen Tool

Mortgage Calculator, Like Your Title Estimate Calculator, is a Lead Gen Tool

Using an interactive mortgage calculator as a lead gen tool can amplify your sales, increase visitor engagement and strengthen brand recognition. Interactive content engages more visitors and results in more conversions. Additionally, studies reveal that passive content generates conversion rates of 20 percent. By comparison, interactive content creates conversion rates of 50 percent.

Interactive technologies include videos, slide shows, calculators, and quizzes. Interactive calculators are a unique example of this technology. A mortgage calculator as a lead gen tool is efficient. It provides immediate answers to clients’ most pressing questions. On Google Trends, countless searches are performed daily asking questions such as these:

  • How much does it cost?
  • How much can I save?
  • How long will it last?
  • How well does it perform?
  • How much ROI will it generate?

Therefore, using a mortgage calculator as a lead gen tool, visitors can quickly obtain essential information with just a few clicks. The data they receive can be the catalyst that sparks conversion.

How Does A Mortgage Calculator Accelerate Active Leads?

We all save time

Dynamic marketing tools provide fast and accurate answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). The mortgage calculator as a lead gen tool requires very little from the user. The information provided when using a mortgage calculator as a lead gen tool is valuable, whether the visitor converts. One must wonder whether the unusually high conversion rates generated by interactive calculators might be fed, even just a little, by users who are fed up with scrolling through fluff just to get facts.

It’s Easy as Pie

Mortgage calculators can be installed on your website in just minutes. That’s a considerable time saving compared to constructing a snazzy slideshow that looks pretty but lacks essential information. Visitors who engage with your interactive calculator will spend more time on your page. It can reduce your Google bounce rate and enhance your SEO, too.

Recycle Your Content

Moreover, visitors will quickly scan your written content and be done with it. You don’t have to keep changing it up. Interactive calculators retain their effectiveness, usefulness, and appeal for as long as necessary. They are stand-alone marketing campaigns working 24/7 to provide a valuable service.

Dynamic and Engaging Marketing Tool

Interactive calculators deliver immediate, relevant content that specifically addresses a visitor’s particular situation. Calculators are engaging, whereas blogs, infographics, and slideshows are not. Interacting with a calculator is more like connecting with a natural person. Interactivity makes visitors four times more likely to share their contact information or post the news on social media.

Build Trust in Your Brand A Mortgage Calculator

Marketing technologies are the soul of transparency. What you see is what you get. For visitors, it builds trust in your brand. It makes visitors more likely to convert, speeding up the conversion process. Hiding prices slows everything down. It puts potential customers on the defensive. An interactive calculator provides all information upfront and tailors that information to an individual’s most immediate concerns. There’s no sales hype and no intrusive ads. No salesperson will call. There is only a transparent information delivery system that quickly provides visitors with the answers they need most.

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