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How to Motivate Your Title Company Employees to Provide the Best Customer Experience

How to motivate your title company employees to provide the best customer experience

If you’re a title company owner or marketing manager, read on, reflect, and then take action… Fast. This is a game changer. Guaranteed.

If you’re a title company rep or closer, don’t be afraid to share it with your boss. It’s going to greatly benefit both you, the staff, as well as the title company’s bottom line.

Now let’s get into the meat of things. 🙂

We all know that companies providing services, in order to attract and retain more clients, need to offer the absolute best customer experience.

It’s a known fact. Our company, TitleCapture, and its flagship product, the branded title company platform, help title companies provide a stellar experience to real estate agents and lenders. But we’re not talking about that in this article… So let’s move on.

No matter how much technology, no matter how many bells and whistles, gimmicks and tchotchkes you’re giving your clients, at the end of the day 80% of the customer experience is a result of your staff’s interaction with your clients.

That’s where the battle is fought. And if your staff is not able (or willing) to go all-in and offer that experience, you’re doomed. Your clients are simply going to pick up their toys and go visit your competitor down the street. And that’s a FACT.

So then HOW do you make sure your staff is on its A-game when it comes to serving your clients? How do you make sure they’re motivated? How do you build a positive internal culture that impacts your bottom line?


Treat your employees the same way you treat your favorite customers.

Of course, you have to respect your staff, listen to them, talk about their future and provide them with opportunities to grow. Sure, you have to do all of that. Being a great leader and also making sure there’s accountability and transparency in place are the basic things that contribute to a great internal culture.

But I’m not here to give you a lecture on all of that.

Instead, I want you to focus on something that’s probably more important. Something that takes up 8 hours of their day, every day, and it could make or break your staff. And that’s their WORKFLOW.

While reading Cindy Koebele’s book “Obsess To Success” (you can find it on Amazon – I highly recommend it), I came across a very funny example, where she talks about how, at her former employer — before she started her own title company — she had to manually stamp return addresses on envelopes. Everyone hated doing that and when the staff asked for branded envelopes, they were turned down. Everyone felt that the company didn’t want to invest in professionalism and staff happiness, and the results is she (and maybe others) simply quit as soon as they could.

You need to be able to identify and remove the frustrating items in your title company employees’ workflows. The stuff they would rather juggle chainsaws instead.

While conducting a survey and talking to hundreds of title companies, using the TitleCapture branded platform, we were very surprised to learn that almost 50%… yes, almost half… of title companies didn’t care if their real estate agents or lenders actually used the estimate tools available in the platform. Wow!

Why is that? Because their staff, the title company employees, simply love how easy and fast it is to generate and send out branded Title Quotes (and Seller Net Sheets, if their clients ask them for one).

Compared to the wacky excel files, the settlement software (where you have to open a file first, in order to get a quote), our platform seems a breeze to them and when they get used to using our tool, they just can’t let go. I’ll tell you a funny story, in another post, about a “mutiny” inside one of the large title companies, when they let their staff know they were thinking of canceling TitleCapture.

Those title company employees are happy. And guess what, when they’re happy, they tend to do a better job overall.

Start listening to what their pain points are and be open to provide solutions. Show them you’re loyal to them and you respect them, and they will, in turn reciprocate with their loyalty toward the company and its’ clients.

If you want to see how our platform will make your staff’s lives so much easier, schedule a 30-minute online demo with our friendly staff. It’s going to blow you away, guaranteed.

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