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Your Realtors are Working and You’re NOT in the Office!

Your Realtors are Working and You're NOT in the Office!


This is no news really! All title companies have this same problem. Whenever your Realtors are out and about with their buyers and sellers, your title reps are home. Why? Because Realtors usually work when buyers and sellers have TIME to see them, to see properties, and this is usually during week-ends and off-hours.

What to do?

Step 1: Use technology! Have an app!

First of all, let me tell you that there are already other, younger, hungrier, title companies out there that are already using technology to their advantage. Others need to catch up, or it will become about survival, more than growth.

Here’s the basic solution. Have a title company app that works for you 24/7 and gives your Realtors EXACTLY what they need, at their fingertips.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose Realtor Bob is with a buyer, visiting a home. It’s Saturday afternoon and the buyer is super-excited about the home and asks Bob the following question: “Hey man, I want this. How much will this cost me? I want the full breakdown!”.

Now Bob, unable to call your title company up can’t provide his buyer with the settlement costs and recording fees. He may be able to pick up a pen and a calculator and figure out the buyer’s monthly mortgage costs, but … really? How’s Bob going to look like to his customer? Old-school, that’s how.

Imagine you had a title company app and Bob pulled his iPhone tapped on your app and did a full buyer estimate with closing costs and monthly mortgage costs, the works. Then he taps again and sends the buyer an email with the estimate. Pretty neat! It could actually seal the deal right then and there…

Besides, your title company app would also offer Seller Net Sheets, regular Title Quotes (for Lenders) or Preliminary HUD forms. It’s all up to you really to increase your bottom line.

Step 2: Determine your Realtors & Lenders to have YOUR app on their phones / tablets / desktops

It’s not sufficient to just have the title company app. It’s also necessary that your agents use it. Just like in the example above, Bob needs to have the app on his phone’s homescreen.

TitleCapture makes it easy for any app user to save the app on the homescreen, therefore having your title company logo on the device they interact with almost constantly. When they start using your app, they will become addicted to it, we guarantee this. When you have them in that state, chances are you’ve won an agent for life.

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